Welcome to Breakthrough Negotiating!
Kevin Greene
President and Founder of Breakthrough Negotiating
  • 2-Day In-House Seminar: Seminar is delivered onsite at your company or a site of your choosing. 1-Day and blended programs also available.
  •  FUN!:  The seminar is a highly interactive, fun, and memorable learning experience that is great for team-building!
  •  Customized: The content and the delivery can be tailored to your specific audience.
  •  Results-Driven:  The seminar presents a very high-ROI learning opportunity including results-tracking.
  •  "The Best Seminar Ever!":  Almost 90% of our attendees say Breakthrough Negotiating is "The Best Seminar" they ever attended! 
  •  After the Seminar:  Participants get the Breakthrough Negotiating Book and access to our 8-week online reinforcement training program to embed the learning and prove real world results!
  • 100% Online: Access anywhere you have a wi-fi connection!
  •  LIVE Kickoff Event:  Negotiate with other participants in Module 1 in our LIVE online negotiating center!  
  •  Self-Paced: Module 1 is done LIVE but all other modules are available on-demand so you can learn at your own pace.
  •  Real World Challenges: Test your skills with our real-world negotiating challenges as you progress through the course!
  •  Points and Badges: Climb the leaderboard! Earn points and badges for completing modules, interacting with peers, and succeeding in real-world challenges!
  •  Rewards: Unlock rewards as you earn points and badges!
  •  Results: After the course is over the Results program begins! Earn higher levels of certification based on your real world negotiating success!  
  •  And More!: Breakthrough Negotiating Online is The Ultimate Online Negotiation Skills Training Experience!
  • The Next Level: After completing Breakthrough Negotiating you become eligible for the Negotiating Academy.  
  •  Results-Based Certifications:  The Negotiating Academy allows you to earn higher and higher levels of certification based on your real-world negotiation results.  
  •  More Real World Success Delivers Higher Levels of Certification:  The more success you are able to negotiate, the more you'll progress up the charts achieving higher and higher levels of certification.
  •  Delivered 100% Online:  The Negotiating Academy is run on our next-generation, fully-gamified online learning platform. 
  • The Enterprise Solution: Our Breakthrough Negotiating Enterprise Solution is a private online negotiation training center for your organization!  
  •  Privately Branded:  Your logo, your color scheme, your personnel only.  
  •  Customizable Content:  In addition to our core training program, we can build customized content right into the learning center from your own internal experts.
  •  Customizable Gamification:  We'll fully customized the built in challenges and exercises as well as the badges, points earned, and rewards achieved.
  •  Customizable Delivery:  We'll work with you to determine how the course unfolds; all at once, in a drip feed, how modules are unlocked, etc.
  •  Leaderboards, Reporting, and Much More:  Track your learners and share their success across the organization!
  • 1-Day Workshop: The cornerstone of our Breakthrough Negotiating High-Stakes Coaching Program is our 1-day intensive workshop.  Typically delivered onsite but can be done via video conference.
  • Pre-Work: Prior to the coaching session, each member of the negotiating team completes our negotiation readiness survey.
  • Action Plan:  After the coaching session, your team will receive a negotiating action plan for next steps to be taken.
  •  Follow-Up Sessions:  Once your negotiation has begun, we'll stay with you throughout the negotiating process with our LIVE online follow-up sessions.
  •  Learning Center Access:  In addition to our LIVE Follow-Up Sessions, we also offer participants access to our online learning center to review key negotiating topics.
  •  Review:  Once the negotiation is complete, we'll review the deal with you, key takeaways, and action steps.
  • Assess Your Team: How good are your negotiators?  Our online negotiating skills assessment process is a great way to find out!  
  •  It's a Game!:  Our assessment tool allows your team members to negotiate with a virtual negotiator in a fun and interactive online negotiating experience!
  •  Compare Your Negotiators:  Our assessment process will allow us to compare your negotiators to other trained and untrained professional business negotiators.
  •  How Much Are You Leaving On the Table?  Our assessment will allow us to make a reasonable assessment as to how much money your negotiators are leaving on the table every year as untrained negotiators and what the value of improved negotiating skills might be to your organization.
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