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  • 8-Week Initial Training

  • Continuity Program

  • ROI to Certify

  • Level-Up

  • Earn Points

  • Earn Badges

  • Unlock Rewards

  • Leaderboards

  • Weekly Video Modules

  • Case Studies/Exercises

  • Goals/Actions

  • In-App Note Taking

  • LIVE Events

  • *Group Packages

  • *Licensed Solutions

  • and More!

*For more information on group packages/pricing and licensing solutions, click on the chat button and one of our representatives will be happy to help you.

The Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: Experience Next-Generation Learning

Step 2: Complete Tasks, Earn Points, Climb the Leader Board

Step 3: Pass a Test to Show You Understand What You Learned

Step 4: Prove a Real-World ROI on Your Learning.

Step 5: Earn Certification/Bump Your Status

Step 6: Unlock the Next Level

Step 7: Rinse and Repeat Until You Become Legendary!


Earning status in Breakthrough Negotiating is all about results. For each new level you achieve you must complete the content for that level, test out, and prove a cumulative negotiated gain (ROI) to your organization. The levels and the amount of negotiated gain (ROI) required for each are found below:

Player: $500

Rookie: $1,000

Apprentice: $2,500

Pro: $5,000

Leader: $10K

Captain: $25K

Elite: $50K

Special Forces: $100K

Master: $1M

Legend: $10M

How good a negotiator are you? We’re going to find out based on what level you achieve!

What You’ll Learn in Breakthrough Negotiating

  • Why Untrained Negotiators ROUTINELY Leave Money and Other Value on the Table Without Even Realizing It AND What YOU Can Do About It!

  • Discover a Secret That Will Forever Change How You See Negotiating and How You Approach Your Negotiations

  • How to Determine and Deliver Your Opening Demands and Offers

  • How to Set Your Targeted Negotiating Outcomes

  • How to Determine the Least You Should Be Willing to Accept

  • Discover Why You Always Have More Power Than You Think

  • How to Manufacture Power in Any Situation Even When You Feel Completely Powerless

  • How to Influence Others in Negotiations Even When You Lack Authority

  • How to Succeed in Competitive Negotiations

  • How to Move from Competition to Collaboration

  • How to Move Beyond “Win-Win” to Discover the Power of “Gain-Gain” Negotiating

  • How to Build the “Breakthrough” Into Your Negotiations

  • Developing a Breakthrough Mindset

  • Joint Problem Solving and How to Turn Constraints Into Catalysts

  • How to Turn Your Negotiations From a Personal Discomfort Zone Into a Powerful Personal Comfort Zone

  • How to Deal with Impasse:  When to Walk Out, How to Walk Back In If They Don’t Drag You Back First

  • How to Know When Concessions Are Necessary

  • How to Apply SMART Concession Strategies When Concessions Are Necessary

  • How to Consistently Negotiate Better Deals, Stronger Relationships, and Mutual Gains

  • How to Negotiate with Integrity and Build Your Reputation One Negotiation at a Time

  • How to Negotiate Your Way to Greater Overall Success One Agreement at a Time


Got questions? We’re here to help! Click on the chat button in the lower right corner of your webpage and we’ll be happy to assist you!